Professional graphic design is all about knowing the next best thing. After being in the graphic design industry for a while now and learning from the best, I have learned what it takes to be a professional. Professional graphic design does not only take talent. It takes time, effort, money, patience, devotion, love, and a respect for the art. Sure, I have been blessed with great opportunities since day one, but I know that the future is going to hold some great challenges. The difference between myself and other graphic designers my age is that I am ready to take on any challenge that is thrown my way. My portfolio reflects that I am capable of professional level work. Take a look and see for yourself. I have gotten to work with many up-and-coming artists, record labels, a clothing company, a company that makes hand-made fishing nets, and much more. The professional graphic design portfolio you see below will leave you anything but disappointed.

Sol Fusion Advertisement

Angie’s List advertisement for San Diego [...]

Matt Haslett Poster Design

Poster design for Roaring Fork Valley musician, Matt [...]

Chief Grow Supply Logo

Logo for a local growing supply store. The client [...]

Boogie’s Buddy Race T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt design for the 2014 Boogie’s Buddy Race [...]

Aspen International Mountain Foundation

Website completed for the Aspen International Mountain [...]

G Jones & Mad Zach – Boss Levels

Video inspired by music. G Jones & Mad Zach [...]

Paranoia – Nosaj Thing x Chance the Rapper

Video inspired by music. Paranoia – Nosaj Thing x [...]


Collection of logos I’ve done in the last year.

Corvidae Collective

Did you know that one of the smartest species of [...]

DL Event Planning with Jason Burns

Jason Burns is a well known event planner located in [...]

Sarcon Inc.

In my graphic design class, we were required to create [...]

Meier Skis is Green

Meier Skis is an awesome ski manufacturer that makes [...]

Aidan Sheahan Logo Design

Aidan Sheahan is a local skier from the Roaring Fork [...]

Album Cover Design for Deflon

In late spring of 2013, I was asked by Deflon to do the [...]

Cover Art for Forward Thinking Sounds

In the winter of 2013, I was asked by the owner of an [...]

Instagram Mobile Graphic Design

I began doing mobile graphic design on my smartphone in [...]

Killer Minimal Logo Design

In June of 2013, a minimal photography feed on [...]

T-Shirt Design for Thirteen Clothing Company

In June of 2013, I created a collection of t-shirt [...]


One thing I have not included in the portfolio above is this website. I thought it might be a bit redundant to take screenshots of it and stick it up there, so I left it out. I began designing WordPress websites in 2012 and since then I have learned a great deal. This website is going to continue to be an ongoing project for me as website and graphic design trends continue to change. It would have been nice to design something that would look great for the rest of eternity, but if things continue to go the way they are right now, I do not see that happening. One of my goals when designing this website was to create something that would push my boundaries, and impress future clients. By creating a website that is both completely responsive and beautiful, I have accomplished this goal.