Published Work

All work in this section has been published.

Sol Fusion Advertisement

Angie’s List advertisement for San Diego based Sol Fusion. The client requested a piece [...]

Matt Haslett Poster Design

Poster design for Roaring Fork Valley musician, Matt Haslett. The client requested a poster [...]

Chief Grow Supply Logo

Logo for a local growing supply store. The client wanted something to tie in with the concept [...]

Boogie’s Buddy Race T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt design for the 2014 Boogie’s Buddy Race in Aspen, Colorado.

Aspen International Mountain Foundation

Website completed for the Aspen International Mountain Foundation. This organization is [...]


Collection of logos I’ve done in the last year.

Corvidae Collective

Did you know that one of the smartest species of animals in the world is actually a crow? [...]

DL Event Planning with Jason Burns

Jason Burns is a well known event planner located in Aspen, Colorado who strives to do quality [...]

Aidan Sheahan Logo Design

Aidan Sheahan is a local skier from the Roaring Fork Valley who is a huge inspiration to me as [...]

Album Cover Design for Deflon

In late spring of 2013, I was asked by Deflon to do the album cover design for his upcoming EP [...]

Cover Art for Forward Thinking Sounds

In the winter of 2013, I was asked by the owner of an up-and-coming record label to do some [...]

Instagram Mobile Graphic Design

I began doing mobile graphic design on my smartphone in mid-winter of 2013. When I first began [...]

Killer Minimal Logo Design

In June of 2013, a minimal photography feed on Instagram called Killer Minimal, was holding a [...]

T-Shirt Design for Thirteen Clothing Company

In June of 2013, I created a collection of t-shirt designs for Thirteen Clothing Company. The [...]