Aidan Sheahan Logo Design

Aidan Sheahan is a local skier from the Roaring Fork Valley who is a huge inspiration to me as both an artist and as a skier. I was beyond stoked when Aidan asked me to create a logo for him. This is easily one of the coolest projects I’ve done thus far and I look forward to doing more with Aidan in the future.

Not too long ago, Aidan released a short film with a local production firm called “Vital Films”. This short film’s mission was to get the point across how skiing is really a mind game and that one must be “aware” while skiing. Aidan urges other skiers to practice “mindfulness” through meditation and breathing. I hold this philosophy dearly, because it applies to more than just skiing. In order to reach one’s full potential, he or she must be aware and mindful of the world around them.

Please do yourself a huge favor and check this video out!